Dani Wilson: Beasts Among Us


March 9th through March 31st, 2017

Opening Reception Thursday March 9th5 – 9 PM

Come see surreal and unsettling scenes by artist Dani Wilson. For her, symbolic, evocative imagery and massive fantastical creatures have always been her subject matter, but for the past two years Dani has been working more with watercolor on untreated wood to bring about new muted tones and textures in her work.


Dani Wilson: Beasts Among Us

Colin Curry: Misperceptions


February 9th through February 28th, 2017

Opening Reception Thursday Feb 9th5 – 9 PM

New work by Colin Curry explores memories revisited. With every retelling, the features we originally celebrate appear clearer and the less convenient aspects become muddled, like a sensitive lens that is handled with bare hands. We are the unreliable narrators of our own lives, adding, omitting, and editing details unconsciously. These paintings initially begin with observation, but with each subsequent layer, become less about emulating reality as they are marred with misperceptions.

Colin Curry is a Seattle-based painter concerned primarily with bodies, gaze, gender, and the politics of perception. The last thing he thinks about before he falls asleep is color and light, and the first thing he thinks of when he wakes is the smell of linseed oil and coffee.


Colin Curry: Misperceptions

Joshua McDonald: After All This Time


December 8th through January 31st, 2017

Opening Reception Thursday Dec 8th5 – 9 PM
2nd Reception Thursday Jan 12th5 – 9 PM

New work by Joshua McDonald explores not only the natural landscape, but the man-made one, and the relationships between forms that have always existed, and forms newly constructed. The industrial inventions and architecture that coexist with his landscapes imitate mountains themselves, depicting a strange unity between the two. His landscapes develop a harmonious coexistence with two things seemingly opposite, in hopes to create an awareness of the landscape in a way not commonly experienced.

Joshua McDonald was born in 1989 and grew up on his grandfather’s ranch in the central Oregon town of Powell Butte. He studied at Central Oregon Community College and Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon, where received his BS in art in 2014. He has exhibited work at EOU’s Nightingale Gallery, the Union County Art and Culture Center in La Grande, OR, and Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA for the Junior Seminar “Containment Breach” traveling exhibition. Joshua was recently selected to exhibit work in the 2014 Recent Graduates Exhibition at the Blackfish Gallery in Portland, Oregon.


Joshua McDonald: After All This Time

Malcolm Christhilf: Color Studies


October 13th through November 30th, 2016

Reception Thursday October 13th5 – 9 PM

Second Reception: Thursday, November 10th5 – 9 PM

Malcolm Christhilf’s paintings originate in observation. He focuses on accessible, human scale objects. The perfectly functional proportions of a glass bottle, or the condensed energy in the sphere of a rubber ball become absorbing subjects.

Christhilf used to believe that these particular objects were symbols of internal content brought to consciousness through image making. While there continues to be an element of this at work, lately the attraction seems more existential. Looking and painting is a form of recognizing the world around him. To observe and articulate the plain existence of the thing itself seems to be reason enough.

Malcolm Christhilf was born in Baltimore, MD. in 1953. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Towson State University in Towson, Maryland in 1979. He attended Tamarind Institute’s Printer Fellow Program in Albuquerque, New Mexico and received his printer’s certificate in 1983. He earned his Master of Art and Master of Fine Arts degrees at the University of California at Berkeley in 1985 and 1987. Malcolm Christhilf is currently a Professor of Art at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where he teaches all levels of Design, Drawing and Painting.

For further inquiries please contact info@malcolmchristhilf.com


Located within Frame Central in Capitol Hill, Seattle. The gallery participates in the Capitol Hill Art walk every second Thursday of the month. www.capitolhillartwalk.com

Malcolm Christhilf: Color Studies

Scott Rispin: The Well Constructed Myth


August 11th through September 30th, 2016

Artist Reception: Thursday, August 11th, 5 – 9 PM
Second Reception: Thursday, September 8th, 5 – 9 PM


Cloud Gallery is pleased to present Scott Rispin; The Well Constructed Myth August 11th through September 30th.  Scott Rispin’s work examines the nature of seeing and how it is not a perfect reflection of the world, but an inference based on our long history of experiences, beliefs, fears, desires and prejudices. The “reality” we think we are seeing is our first well-constructed myth.

Please join us for an artist reception on Thursday, Aug 11th from 5 – 9 p.m.

Scott Rispin began his 30+ years of artistic pursuits developing logos, carving signage and hand painting signs in his hometown of South Lake Tahoe, California. Since settling in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1990, Scott has been a working professional in nearly every aspect of the commercial arts; from ad agencies to silk screening, custon graphics/signage to muralist. He received his BA in Art Education from Mercyhurst College in 2003, and his MFA in painting from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2008. Scott has received awards in sculpture, painting, and public art projects.

Scott Rispin currently teaches at Penn State Erie, the Behrend College, as well as the Erie Art Museum.


Located within Frame Central in Capitol Hill, Seattle. The gallery participates in the Capitol Hill Art walk every second Thursday of the month. www.capitolhillartwalk.com


Scott Rispin: The Well Constructed Myth

Adam Fung: constellation atlas

Fung_CA_constellation atlas_resize
the constellation atlas, 18″ x 24″, oil, acrylic, graphite on linen, 2016

June 9th through July 31st, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 9th, 5 – 9 PM
Artist Reception: Thursday, July 14th, 5 – 9 PM

Cloud Gallery is pleased to present Adam Fung: constellation atlas June 9th through July 31st. Adam Fung is an Assistant Professor of Art at TCU in Fort Worth, TX and his current show uses painting as a questioning process to find patterns and draw boundaries around vastness, allowing forms to arise and recede. In this new body of work, Fung considers how painting can mimic our attempts to map the unknown, investigate the make up of the universe, and code such infinite matter.

With these paintings we find surfaces that are layered with information and shifting color relationships- alluding to a map in flux. Shapes form along grids or graphite delineations as these elements untangle and coalesce around quadrants of tentative certainty.  Ultimately, in constellation atlas, there is no claim to know the territory, rather a searching for where it may lie on future maps, in an ongoing cartography.

The opening reception will be held on Thursday, June 9th from 5 – 9 p.m.
Please join us for an artist reception on Thursday, July 14th from 5 – 9 p.m.

Adam Fung received his MFA from University of Notre Dame, in 2008.  He is currently completing an Arctic Circle Artist Residency and Summer Solstice Expedition in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, this year.

Fung has previously shown nationally and internationally at the Aron Packer Gallery, Button Gallery, Ro2 Art, Packer Schopf Gallery, Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center, South Bend Regional Museum of Art, Siena Art Institute, Link Gallery, Kent State University, The Snite Museum of Art, Lightwell Gallery, University of Oklahoma, Lucia Douglas Gallery, and the Washington Artists Project, Washington D.C. His work has received numerous awards and is included in many public and private collections.


Adam Fung: constellation atlas

Scattered Showers: Tyler Nelson


February 11th – March 31st, 2016

Scattered Showers

Tyler Nelson

Artist Reception: Please join us on Thursday February 11th from 5-9 PM

Seattle artist Tyler Nelson presents enigmatic portraits that suggest masked stories in a world that is a desolate beautiful dream. The lone figures seem to embody traditional painterly values – color, line, space – while bringing a sense of unease that feels very much of our time.

The show opens February 11th and runs through March 31st. The two openings will be on the second Thursday of the month: February 11th and March 10th during the Capitol Hill Art Walk.

Scattered Showers: Tyler Nelson